1. Oceans
    Principe Valiente

  2. Strangers In The Night
    Principe Valiente

  3. M Ʌ L V S
    Golden Apes

  4. Crippling Dances
    Rot on the March

  5. Welcome To The Heartland

  6. The Langsyne Litanies
    Golden Apes

  7. Our Need For Solace
    The Search

  8. Choirs Of Blessed Youth
    Principe Valiente

  9. No One's All
    Supreme Soul

  10. Era Of The Penultimate Steps
    Rot on the March

  11. Duck On Cover

  12. Tomorrow That Never Was

  13. Saturn Return
    Aeon Sable

  14. Scattered & Buried
    The Foreign Resort

  15. Stranglehold
    Grooving In Green

  16. Riot
    Golden Apes

  17. Night Feature
    Dead United

  18. I Try My Best To Mainstream
    Radio DCS

  19. The Moon Is My Sun

  20. Tiny Boys
    Tiny Boys

  21. Ghosts
    Ending The Vicious Cycle

  22. Denying The Towers Our Words Are Falling From​.​.​.
    Golden Apes

  23. Der Hase E​.​P.
    Sharon Next

  24. The Peter Out Wave
    Various Artists

  25. Staying Alive In A Country Industrialized
    The Search

  26. Absolute Zero
    Emerald Park

  27. Unfamous Quotes
    We Came From Waters

  28. Join the dark side, we have the music!
    Various Artists

  29. Teeth & Tails

  30. Come With Reverse
    Come With Reverse

  31. Old Fashioned
    Silver Rocket

  32. Winter Severity Index EP
    Winter Severity Index

  33. The Foreign Resort
    The Foreign Resort

  34. Empathie

  35. Principe Valiente
    Principe Valiente

  36. It's Not Enough Anymore

  37. The Search For Connection Contact And Community
    The Search

  38. Ghost Dance Party
    The Knutz

  39. Days Without Sleeping
    Eternal Nightmare

  40. Du känner mig för väl, farväl
    Tobias Borelius

  41. The Early Years
    Stromble Fix

  42. A Fleeting Glimpse E.P.
    Legion (UK)

  43. How To Irritate People
    The Transisters

  44. Monument

  45. Phantom

  46. Unter der Stadt

  47. Life ain't Pink
    Smoke Fish

  48. A Story Of Hurt
    Danish Daycare

  49. The Eighties Are Over
    Stromble Fix

  50. Ghost

  51. Light In Your Life
    Light In Your Life

  52. Silent Green
    Art Noir

  53. Crossing The Rubicon
    Notes From Underground

  54. Herz zerrissen

  55. Wavelands
    The SlimP

  56. For Tomorrow
    Emerald Park

  57. Saturnine Songs
    The Search


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